Spy sunglasses have been on the market for a while now. Spy sunglasses is capable of recording your point of view and  easy to carry around, made them very popular.

Spy sunglasses usually have an ordinary look compared with the general sunglasses. However the features between the ordinary and spy sunglasses are quite different.

Regular sunglasses are only UV rays prevented, while spy sun glasses not only have the function of eye protection, but also record what you see in your life in an easy way without holding a camcorder in your hand all the time or you can follow other people quietly without being discovered. It is quite useful for the traffic police,  journalists, travelers, students and private detectives, also for those who are curious about the nearby surroundings. Because the spy sunglasses are really helpful for their working

Rear view spy sunglasses has a unique feature of seeing things behind you, so it would be like you have a rear view mirror. By wearing the rear view spy sunglasses, no one can sneak up behind you. It is a perfect choice for paranoid types or anyone who hates having people or animals coming up behind, and you will find the spy sun glasses a great novelty gift for your life safety.

The other kind is the camcorder spy sunglasses. This kind of spy sunglasses features a very small mega pixel pinhole COMS hidden camera located in the center of the spy sunglasses, additional supports large internal memory where you can record whatever weird scenes you have seen by your eyes by simply push the micro switch control. Besides, the built in memory slot can be easily extended for huge storage, allowing a long time recording. The spy sunglasses need no driver which can be easily connected to the laptop. With the camcorder spy sunglasses you can free your hands, and at the same time record the important and happy moments.

There are also other kinds of spy sun glasses which have their own special characteristics. Nowadays, the price for the high quality spy sunglasses is relatively high, but at espymall online spy gadget store you can purchase them for less than $150