I’ve always had some trouble with disappearing office supplies in all the jobs I’ve had. If you’ve ever been in a job with an open office space, you will likely have run into a similar problem. Office spaces are usually very vulnerable, anything that is left around without being bolted down can be stolen by anyone. In my case, I’ve lost a few staplers, several sticky note packets, and more pens than I can count. This is highly inconvenient for my work, and frankly annoys me a fair amount.

I understand that sometimes people can’t find their own supplies and borrow mine out of necessity. Unfortunately, those people often don’t immediately return my supplies where they found them. Worse still, there are people who purposely steal with no intent of ever returning my supplies!

A common method to prevent these thefts, which I have used often, is to personalize my supplies with permanent markings. I often carve an easily visible symbol on the shell of my pens and stapler, which lets me identify stolen items when I see them lying around on someone’s desk. This doesn’t cure my problem completely though, since there are times where my supplies just vanish from the building completely. I strongly suspect that the supplies have been taken back to people’s homes.

Thankfully, I now have a permanent solution to my problems with disappearing office supplies. I installed computer speakers with a hidden camera, which watches over my office space. This has helped me keep track of anyone who has taken my supplies, and gives me the ability to go directly to the person who has my supplies instead of looking for the item itself. Since the camera is motion-activated, I don’t have to look through long stretches of footage. The speakers also connect to my computer through the back of my desk, which makes the camera itself impossible to sneakily swipe during office hours.

This new camera has saved me many visits to the store, which has saved me a good amount of money. I can also keep track of who snoops around in my office space, which I’ve never been able to catch before. A lot of strange events can actually happen when I’m not sitting in my desk. There have been incidents with people switching out my office chair or looking through my drawers. Having a constant watch over my working space is a security that I am glad to have now.


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