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In warmer climates, or places with hot summers, a fan is a regular sight to see in home and office settings. This makes a desktop fan such as this a great place to have a hidden camera embedded inside. A fan is expected to follow people around and cool them off, so a fan moving from room to room is hardly surprising.

This tower fan has two separate wind speeds, and the ability to pivot left and right. This turning can be utilized as an additional function for the hidden camera, and allow it to view even more of the room it is in.

There is practically no limit to where this hidden camera can be placed. As long as people can be expected to be in a room, that room can have this fan overlooking it at any moment.

The hidden camera provides high quality 1 mega pixel footage. The hidden camera’s alarm can be set to detect and alert the user of any activity taking place.

Connecting the hidden camera to a wi-fi network is a simple setup process. The smart scan QR code is combined with P2P technology to make straightforward connections.

From computers or mobile devices, up to three users can access the hidden camera’s live feed to view what’s currently going on in the eyes of the camera. The hidden camera’s recorded footage can also be viewed with the playback function. In case of bad internet connection, footage is stored in a TF card backup. All footage that is recorded from this device can be read off a removable SD card.

Portable mini speaker Hidden Camera footage preview I

Want to know what had happened in your living room or office when you are not there? Or everything happened in your business conference room? Or how’s your nanny doing with kids? Or what is going on in the nursing home with elderly? Just place this covert mini speaker video recorder wherever you want and use the remote control to start recording when you need.

Our high-definition Motion Detection and color camera-equipped Portable Mini Speaker can be use as “family security camera” Or “Surveillance Video recorder”, functioned with “HD Photo taken” and “Motion-activated HD Color Video Taken”. Can continuous recording for 14 hour, up to 24 hours with motion-activated recording. Inside builds with two different operation systems control both the speaker function and camera function individually.

Special featured with “Motion-activated” video function, which you can set the hidden Mini Speaker recorder on motion detection when you are not there, and whenever somebody comes into the room that you have the camera placed, the HD Spy Camera will automatically start recording video, and save recording when motion is out of frame. This feature is saving both memory disk and time to review the video chips that is not useful from continues recording. The motion-detection feature is great for your home or office if you are not sure when people are coming into your place. It will record anybody who passes by the Hidden Mini Speaker while you are not in the room.

This Mini Speaker Hidden Spy Camera is very light weighted, simple to use and easy to carry, small and exquisite, beautiful and practical. Place it in your home, at work, car(dash cam), even in your bag; this product makes the family security and life activities perfect works together. This product is very popular to use for people from all ages.

WiFi Wall Clock Hidden Camera

  • HD Quality. 1 Mega Pixel Video Monitoring

  • Easy smart scan QR code technology

  • Up to 3 user can access to the device at the same time,Password can be set separately for admin and visitor, to enjoy higher security


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