I found this online video very funny, hope you enjoy it.:D
How can you put your secrets in plain sites without being discovered by others?
See what others do!

Secret Stash from yiting cheng on Vimeo.

Also want to get a home hidden camera?

We are happy to introduce you

Plug & Play Radio Clock Hidden Spy Camera Nanny Cam with Built-In DVR for ONLY $459.00

home hidden camera

home hidden camera

home hidden camera

home hidden camera

The built in DVR has up to 8 hours of recording time. Once you are ready to view the recorded video, just plug one end of the usb cable into the BR2108 and the other end into your computer. You can then use the supplied software to view your recorded video. This hidden camera is extremely easy to use, just plug and play.

The BR2108 uses a built in DVR to record up to 8 hours of continuous video. This hidden camera is also totally covert and costs $50 less than the BM3108 because it does not have the motion detector and it does not use an SD card to record video. The BR2108 comes with a usb cable which can connect the BR2108 to your computer’s USB port to review the video footage.

The Desk Top Clock comes with a built in DVR camera, charger, power supply, USB cable, easy instructions, and 1 year warranty.


USB Cable for charging and data transfer

Record high resolution480 lines and 1.0 lux with sony CCD

Can be used as USB storage device

Can be played instantly on 3GP compatible cell phones and PDAs

1 year warranty

Record up to 8 hours!

Perfect for home and office safety utility

Record high resolution(3GP)

Can be used as USB storage device

All radio clock functions work normally. You would never think that is a hidden camera!

High Resolution – SONY CCD color camera delivers crystal clear images

User friendly on screen menu can be easily accessed with the IR remote


Digital Clock Style Built-in DVR Hidden Camera


Power supply

USB cable


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