See What Pranks are Prank House is doing on Surveillance Camera.
Prank House is the first reality Surveillance Camera Video game that has just came out on the internet. 100% real and live, with a few dollars of credit and download an free application you can shoot real person with paintball gun from the comfort of your personal computer or smart phone, action is stream live on the internet by Surveillance cameras mounted on the paint ball gun internet live. This app is nuts. Basically there are 50 surveillance cameras streaming live inside this weird “house”. Scattered around the house are paintball guns, robots, RC cars, shockers, stink bombs, and animal cages. They aren’t all online yet but supposedly they will all be fully controllable through the app. The paintball gun is available though. I waited a half hour and I missed the guy who was dancing around in the living room, very fun Pranks!


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