If you haven’t heard, it was recently declared that Google surpassed Apple as the most valuable brand. It really shouldn’t come as much of a shock, when you think about it. Apple’s main gimmick in the past few years has just been to update their tablets, phones, and computers. They’re more or less stuck in the same place as before. On the other hand, Google has been innovating with their glasses, automated cars, and internet service.

The key to any technology company is to innovate. Technology marches on at a very swift pace, and if you don’t keep adding then you’ll just lose the race.

This has been a problem for a lot of big companies with subscription services. When a company is losing profits because of their lack of innovation, a lot of them resort to asking more from their customers, which means a lot of customer dissatisfaction.

This is no different in the security industry. There’s always new ways to enhance the portability, accessibility, and versatility of our products, which we do often.


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