Lost Keys

I tend to lose track of things in my home, small things like my keys or my phone in particular. I’m sure this is a problem for a lot of other people as well. The solution I had always turned to was to ‘retrace my steps’ and go to everywhere I’ve been until I find what I lost. This solution works eventually, but it isn’t something I would want to do when I’m on a tight schedule.

What I have started to do now is utilize the hidden cameras I have set around my home. They record whenever they detect motion, which means that they have a record of me whenever I pass by. It is much easier to remember what rooms I had been in rather than every single spot I walked to. Even if I didn’t remember which rooms I had been in, I could just check the footage one by one.

Watching taped footage is much more effective than trying to remember off the top of my head. Memories can always get jumbled and unclear, which only makes locating lost objects harder. Shifting through footage taken over the day let me immediately see where I’ve been and where I carelessly placed all of my things.

There are times where your things fall into spaces that you wouldn’t think to check, like in the crack between couch cushions. It could take hours before you resort to checking those types of unusual locations, unless you’ve lost things in there often. These types of troubles could be avoided when you have a hidden camera lending a helping hand.

A hidden camera may be designed for something like catching burglars or watching babysitters, but cameras can always be used in other creative ways to assist you with life.


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