When I was 5 years old, I wanted so badly to be on television. Today you can not avoid it if you leave the house.

Stores, intersections, even churches have sur­veillance video. And now more then ever, you may want some level of surveil­lance video in your home.

Video baby monitors have been around for a few years now. They let you not just hear your child but see as well on a small TV that comes with the camera.

The aptly named iBaby(left) just came out with a improvement on the concept. Their camera connects via Wifi to your Internet connection, and lets you see the video on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch even when you are a world away. So-called nanny cams hide small cameras and recorders in devices like Teddy bears, clocks and lights. I used to think such devices were overkill.

That is, until a colleague had to let two different nannies from a reputable agency go when nanny cam video showed harmful and negligent care.

Some of these small cameras with recording ability are now showing up concealed in ties, sunglass­es and pens. It is a sorry state of affairs that we now need to assume all conver­sations and meetings are being recorded.

And according to the Citizen Media Law Project’s web page, Virginia is a one party consent state.

This means that as long as one person in a meet­ing consents to being recorded, all others can be recorded, even without their knowledge. A person can walk into a meeting with a tiny camera/record­er and record everything surreptitiously since they themselves are part of the meeting and consent to being recorded(Wow!).

And telephone calls, if all parties are in Virginia, can also be recorded with one party’s consent apparently.

The standard caveat applies: I am not a lawyer, and you should consult with one before you record. Violating Virginia’s wiretap law is a felony.

Your doctor might even ask you to swallow a camera. As the tiny camera-ina- pill winds it way through your intestinal track, it sends images to a recorder you are wearing. On the horizon are little robots that can stop and repair damage they find.

Some people even attach these hidden camera accessories to their pets to see where the cat is going on the daily outings. I wonder how long it will be until ev­ery NFL player is wearing a camera and transmitter so we can get a quarterback’s view of a sack.

Small cameras and trans­mitters are being attached to remote controlled airplanes, giving operators a pilot-like view while the plane is in flight. They are showing up too on toy RC cars, so know if your kid’s toy car is around even if the kids are not.

Free software can send a computer’s web cam view to you. People have had their laptops stolen and been able to log in and record the thief using it.

(From insidenova.com)




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