If you’ve ever been amazed by a card trick, then you might have experienced the effects of a properly executed distraction.

A secondary function is one of the best disguises for a hidden camera.

When something has an obvious purpose, people tend to ignore it. That is one of the primary reasons spy cameras are effective. Finding the right type of spy camera for yourself is about making sure nothing appears out of place.

If your workplace involves being around computers, then a computer speaker would be accepted and unquestioned. There’s nothing unusual about electronic accessories. A speaker is often necessary.

If you are already surrounded by books, one more book isn’t an issue. A book isn’t electronic, so it would likely be brushed aside even if someone was specifically looking for spy cameras.

A new picture frame with photos of loved ones is a common practice. Picture frames have a great view of the entire room when they are hung on walls, so they are extremely effective for hiding cameras inside.

It’s all about variety and strategy. If you know how to hide things in plain sight, then you can place your hidden cameras in optimum locations.

I want to know about anyone who enters my room, so I have a hidden camera alarm clock facing the door. It is an ordinary object that draws no attention, but it accurately serves its functions.

When you want to watch over something with a spy camera, you have to ask yourself, “What kind of object would I expect to be facing it?”


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