If you’ve ever ordered products off of the internet, you run a bit of risk during the delivery.

Online shopping has become hugely popular. This also means that many people often receive deliveries containing expensive items. When people aren’t home, some delivery services end up leaving packages by the front door. Usually the package is discovered and taken into the home by the owner, but in some unfortunate cases the package is stolen by a stranger.

This is especially a problem during the release times of a new product. A recent example would be the release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 video game consoles. If the customer isn’t home when the system is delivered, the large and noticeable package would likely sit at the doorstep for many hours. A stranger may see the package as they go by your home, and could be tempted into stealing it. Worse still, there are some people who actively look around for doorstep packages, or even stalk delivery vehicles.

A hidden camera placed outdoors under a disguise will help you immensely if you ever run into this type of problem. When it is placed by the front door, you will be able to record every face that ever walks over to your front step. You will also get clear images with what they may bring and what they may take. If the camera is able to help you recover just a single valuable package, it will have saved you a large amount of money.

A disguised outdoor camera┬ácan also protect you from burglars and other types of criminals. A camera low to the ground can capture more details of a criminal’s entire figure, which helps officers with search and identification. The camera itself will likely be ignored by most criminals, since it will be disguised as something that is not profitable to steal.

Thieves cost their victims a large sum of money. It is always advised to be protected from theft, or to have a method to recover your losses. Recorded footage is always the best proof of criminal activity, and will greatly assist you and the officers of the law.


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