You have so much to lose if you aren’t prepared against theft.

Burglars are able to get away clean with intruding on your home if you don’t install countermeasures in your home. Most of the items you have in your house likely come from stores. In other words, many thousands of people probably have the same exact item as you. If you don’t have proof of being robbed and some solid visual identification of who burglarized you, then justice will not work in your favor.

A decent CCTV surveillance system protects your home and its possessions by keeping a clean visual record of everything that enters and leaves your home. Potential burglars will also be discouraged by the mere existence of a camera on your home and avoid your house altogether. The system also keeps an eye on the inside of your home, just in case anyone you invite inside decides to sneak something away or break items.

If you do not have a surveillance system, anything you or the police find at the scene of the crime will not have high chances of helping you. Even clean DNA evidence won’t be any help to you if the DNA in question isn’t already in the police database. If the person who burglarized your home had never been caught before or was young and just turned to crime, then the possessions you lost will remain lost.

A home security camera¬†is able to provide a lot of information. You could get a shot of the suspect’s face, height, and other body identifications. Physical identifications are extremely useful, since it gives officers of the law something specific to look for. Along with that, you can also see what surfaces a burglar has touched, which provides you with fingerprints and DNA. You could also capture footage of what vehicle the person used to commit the crime, and may even be able to get a clear shot of the license plate. Information is powerful, and all of this information easily leads to the eventual capture of the suspect.

If you don’t protect yourself from the possibility, eventually all you’re left with is the hindsight. Even in news stories, you often read or hear about cases where a criminal is able to do a large amount of damage before being caught, and surveillance footage is usually a critical part leading to that criminal’s arrest. The police primarily have to solve cases such that are burglaries, they are rarely able to stop them from happening. The protection of your home will always first be up to you.


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