I am a forgetful person. There were times where I walk all the way back to my car because I forgot if I locked it or not. On several occasions, I even drove back home because I wasn’t sure if I closed the garage door.

Well, most of the time, it was fine. I forgot things like locking the car and closing the garage door because they are simple and repetitive tasks. From what I know, it’s a common phenomenon. Lots of people experience it, where they snap out of a daze in the middle of a drive and realize that they’re almost at their destination, but don’t remember the commune.

When you get into a routine, it’s easy for tasks to slip your mind. Reaching for the garage door remote is a reflex for me, and so is locking my car.

Even though I know this, there were many times where I worried so much that I checked anyway. The reason I worry is because of the consequences. If I really did forget, then anyone could potentially access my belongings.

Cameras have been a method to get some peace of mind. I have a hidden camera in my car that keeps watch over my things. A CCTV system watches over my house. In the unlikely event that I do actually leave the garage door open or my car unlocked, I can verify the footage to see if anything happened.

There has been only two occasions where I did really leave my car unlocked. Thankfully, nothing bad happened, even though the car was unattended for a large chunk of the day. The surveillance system also helps ease my worries over possible burglaries.

It’s always a relief to be free from paranoia and anxiety.


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