Children are wild, and love to interact with everything. This is a good trait to have, since it’s how kids learn. At the same time, it can also cause inconveniences at home. Children often play around with anything they can find, and don’t recognize when something is valuable or fragile.

If you have kids at home, you might want to consider having diversion safes for some of your more important objects. You shouldn’t ever underestimate how resourceful children can be when they are exploring. They can find ways to climb over barriers and reach heights you didn’t consider possible for them.

Divergent safes, especially ones located in walls or clocks, give you a place to put valuables that doesn’t interest children.

The purpose of the divergent safes is also to keep objects out of a burglar’s hands. Burglars often don’t have a lot of time when they’re stealing from a house, and try to take the most valuable object immediately available.

Divergent safes can not replace a surveillance system, since it can only protect a few objects and doesn’t help catch criminals. However, it is a cheap and reliable method to protect irreplaceable objects such as antique photographs or family mementos.

A decent surveillance system will assist the authorities in catching burglars, but recorded footage doesn’t always guarantee the return of stolen items. Your most precious belongings should be stored away in a safe and unnoticeable location.


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