No matter where you live, safety is never guaranteed. There are many ways for a person to be hurt, but few ways for people to be healed. However, unless you are in high risk job, you will likely not be in danger every day. It is still important for you to be ready to defend yourself, because you never know when you might be in danger over the course of your life.

You are most vulnerable when you are alone. When you are alone, you are easy to target and won’t have anyone to rely on. Having something to defend yourself is vital in situations like this. There are many inventions that exist to help you escape from a dangerous situation. Pepper sprays and stun guns are some of the best gadgets to have on hand.

Pepper sprays are able to hurt and blind, and using it lets you run away safely. Most attackers will be unable to keep track of you and will give up quickly. A can of pepper spray is usually small and compact, easy to pull out at any sign of danger. Thanks to the size and design of certain pepper sprays, you could keep them with everyday objects like your keys.

Stun guns don’t have as much range as pepper sprays, but instead of just blinding an attacker, you could paralyze them completely. A stun gun overloads the nerves of a person, which usually cripples a person long enough to get away. It is still relatively compact and fairly powerful, and guarantees more safety if you hit an attacker with one.

The existence of self defense devices has helped to protect the population on the psychological level as well. The small size of defensive gadgets make it so that potential assailants think twice before targeting someone, since they could never be sure of who has defensive equipment and who doesn’t. It is still better to have defenses rather than relying on this effect, since crime has never been completely reduced to zero, but it’s a good impact on society as a whole.


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