The United States laws on hidden Spy cameras vary by state. If you currently using or considering installing a hidden Spy camera or surveillance system it would certainly be wise to investigate the specific laws of your local area. Doing so will insure you do not run into any legal issues should anyone discover and take offense to the fact you are operating a hidden spy camera or surveillance system.

Here we’re going to talk about some of the general areas of concern to consider when installing hidden Spy Camera and security surveillance systems. Then we will take a closer look at how you can go about investigating the specific laws that govern your state.

You may be surprised to find out that in most states it is legal to install and operate a hidden Cameras and security surveillance systems even in private places. There are only thirteen states with laws prohibiting the installation of hidden camera and surveillance system in private places. The laws that govern the thirteen states prohibit the installation of Spy camera and surveillance system in places where individuals have the right to a reasonable expectation of privacy, such areas as bathrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, bedrooms, etc.

Another legal fact that surprises you is the fact that in many states if a crime is captured on tape by a hidden camera, the tape is often admissible as evidence in court. Surprisingly, in many states, you do not even have to obtain the consent of either of the parties involved. In some other states, receiving the consent of only one party is required.

Despite the lack of strict laws governing the installation and use of hidden camera, security camera and surveillance system you should really consult with your local law enforcement or lawyers to be certain of the specific regulations governing your area. This will ensure that you have a clear understanding of the law so that you are not guilty of violating any existing regulations and laws. It is always good to know of any potential violations ahead of time to protect you from unnecessary troubles and costly legal actions in the future.

Additionally to consulting with your lawyer or local law enforcement of legal council, you can gather a significant amount of information on the Internet. By visiting the government websites about hidden camera laws, you will be provided more specific legal details on this issue. It is definitely wiser to find out ahead of time what you can and cannot do legally when installing a hidden Spy camera, security camera and surveillance system.