At espymall we custom made the highest quality spy hidden cameras, and the reason we say that is because 90% of our hidden spy cameras are using Sony CCDs.

A CCD camera is a charge coupled device camera, which is an apparatus that is designed to convert optical brightness into electrical amplitude signals using a plurality of CCDs, and then reproduce the image of a subject using the electric signals without time restriction. Charge coupled devices or CCDs are arrays of semiconductor gates formed on a substrate of an integrated circuit board or chip. A CCD camera includes a CCD imager IC (integrated circuit) and control circuits typically mounted on a printed wiring assembly. In CCD cameras, either a CCD matrix or one or more CCD lines is located in the focal plane behind the optical system. A CCD is normally used for the image pickup device of a digital camera. Image data captured by it is stored in a storage medium such as a compact flash memory or an IC memory card. To monitor the captured image, a display means such as an LCD (liquid crystal display) is generally equipped in the digital still camera.

Most Espymall hidden spy cameras are CCD camera; they’re able to capture crystal clear images in a wide range of light conditions and environments, durable yet high tech and affordable. Please see all our CCD hidden spy cameras.